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Thursday 20 January 2011






SHhhhhhh...!!. Keep it quiet but yesterday was my birthday. That's it 19th January - and on the 16th it was Anne's birthday - both born Capricorn if you follow that kind of thing. Actually Anne and I don't really celebrate our birthdays - after all you only actually have one birthday and that's the day you were born everything from then on should be described as an anniversary - and we don't celebrate those either. Pretty grouchy eh ?
Any way I think I'm rambling a bit here so lets get back to what I wanted to put in this post...........

I woke up to a beautiful day. Yes it was cold but the sun was shining nice and bright. So - what to do on your birthday. Not a problem if your a keen cyclist- go for a ride of course..!

Since the new year I have been putting in the miles trying to build up my core fitness but yesterday was the first day that I would describe as an almost perfect cycling day.
I cycled down to the Studland ferry taking it across the entrance to Poole harbour. It really is the gateway to the Purbeck Hills. Once across I cycled up through Studland heath and then through Studland village over Dean hill and down  to Swange. (I have not attempted the' hill of death' since the turn of the year - I will save that till my fitness levels improve).

From Swanage I carried on cycling up through Langton Matravers. Then I continued uphill all the way to the top of the ridge - the payoff is fantastic views over the valley with views of Corfe Castle in the far distance.
I did a huge loop which eventually took me back to Swanage where I stopped for a lunch break before heading back to the ferry and home.

The Tifosi was running a treat - the chain sounded wonderful as it slipped through the rear derailleur and  jockey wheels - a very light tinkling sound - must have been the Purple Extreme that I was talking about in my last posting.
As I was cycling along you could hear the birds singing and smell the freshness all around- it was one of those days when everything seemed right with the world - well my world anyway.

By the time I had got back to the Purpletraveller Control Centre (my garage) I had covered 56 miles. I know that is not a huge mileage, but the day was too good to put my head down, get into the drops and go for it. No, it was a day to savour. A truly  great day and a really good birthday present...!!

Normally I don't bother to stop and take any pictures when I am enjoying the cycling so much, but I did manage to take a few and I thought that I would share them with you.

Oh ... although I am a grumpy grouch Anne and I did go out for a really fabulous Greek meal last night. A great end to a rather special day.


boromax said...

Happy Birthday, Trevor! and what a wondrous way to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing a few pics to set the mood, and the delightful retelling.

Big Oak said...

Thanks for sharing the details of your ride. And happy birthday, er, anniversary, er, glad you had a great ride!

Anonymous said...

I've never thought about the birthday/anniversary thing, but you're right, birthdays are really anniversaries! I like your point of savouring a ride - I think, too often, its forgotten.

jeff said...

Nice pics and nice way to spend your birthday.

Steve A said...

The sun DOES make a cold day much nicer all round. Especially if there is no headwind.

limom said...

Happy B-day, both of em!

J_on_tour said...

It's best not to over exert yourself on your "anniversary"!! I had the privilege of staying over for a night in Swanage once. Nice to see a place out of season. Corfe was nice too. Thanks for sharing your day with us, I'm sure it will be more memorable for you too, now that you have a record of it.

mrbill said...

Happy Birthday Trevor, sounds like you had a great day and a great spot for cycling.

Dan O said...

Happy Birthday!! Fantastic way to spend it - on the bike. Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. Sounds (and looks) like a great ride.

rlove2bike said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. Thanks for sharing your birthday and bringing us along through the great photos you posted up.

The bike shed said...

Happy birthday. Must get down to Studland sometime soon

GreenComotion said...

Happy B'Day, Trevor!
Peace :)

MrDaveyGie said...

I kinda let my birthdays come and go without any fanfare myself if I can get away it. :-)

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