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Monday 7 February 2011


My Dad always used to call it 'the island or siege mentality'. The desire to stock up on things.
As you can see above I have just received my latest delivery of energy products. It's a mix of ZipVit Energy drinks and bars as well as some Mule bars which I have written about before and a couple of boxes of 'For Goodness Shakes' recovery drink.
There are still a couple more boxes of various energy bars that are due to arrive this week.

I have always been like this - feeling the need to stock up on things 'just in case'. For me it creates a good feeling, knowing that I have things available for whenever I want them.

I was born on the Isle of Wight and this need to get stocked up on things was quite common place on the island. Mind you it was born out of practicality, as during the winter months back then the ferry to the mainland was often stopped during the slightest sign of bad weather. This in turn would affect what was available in the local shops as everything had to be brought over from the mainland. Even after we had moved to the mainland  I can remember my Mother always tended to buy things in twos and threes a habit that she had acquired during  our previous island life.

Nowadays I seem to perpetuate this 'island mentality' when I buy anything. Forget 3 bikes - lots of cyclists have 3 and often many more bikes- but with me it doesn't stop there. 3 cycling helmets (one for each bike) the same with cycling shoes and when it comes to cycling jerseys I had 21 at the last count. I try and explain that one away by saying - 3 bikes - 7 days in a week equals 21 jerseys. No -  that explanation didn't work when I tried it out on Anne either - she just looked at me and shook her head in a despairing kind of way.

Still it makes me feel secure in the knowledge that if washing clothes was banned I would be able to go out on my bike in a clean jersey for 21 days before it became a problem .Not that it's ever likely to happen - clothes washing being banned I mean..!!

All this applies to my backpacking kit as well. Numerous tents- boots - jackets - trousers - walking poles - stoves-sleeping bags - sleeping mats- etc etc... Every interest in my life has multi itemitus. Yes I know that is not a real word - but it describes quite nicely the problem - not that it is a real problem because everything I have does get used. If something doesn't get used at least once in a 12 month period it gets uploaded to Ebay............

JD made contact with me the other day to let me know why he's not been out on the bike for the past few weeks. Apparently he has been suffering with a bad chest infection which is what I thought might be the case. He reckons that he will be out training with me again from the end of February or the beginning of March. Now there's a plus, as that will be roughly the time that I will be allowed to re-start training again.
Speaking of which - above is a photo of my bikes all neatly cocooned in their covers awaiting my return to cycling.
Lets hope that we are not apart for too long...!!


rlove2bike said...

Hope your recovery is speedy.

Sometimes things are on sale at such a reduced price, one needs to buy more. That leads to some of my stock piling, although it looks as though you stock much more than I do. :-)

Anonymous said...

Those bikes look so sad....

I wish you a speedy recovery.

jeff said...

I echo the "speedy recovery" sentiments.

RANTWICK said...

Do you have "wholesale" outlets there where you could buy other things in bulk? Seems "Costco"-style stores would be a good fit for that island mentality... wishing you a quick recovery, man.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Those bikes are just biding their time, resting up for the miles to come. The road out there is waiting. Best of luck on the recovery!

Big Oak said...

I, too, hope you can get on a bike soon.

I just noticed on the right side of your blog you have a Tifosi. Have you ever ridden the London-Edinburgh-London ride? I'm scheduled to do a series of randonneuring events this spring, and I saw that ride listed somewhere. It's scheduled next in 2013. I'd love to do that - it'd be a great way to see England.

Anonymous said...

Are these energy products healthy?
I hope you can start your training soon again.
I like the photos!

limom said...

Hope your recovery is quick!

coastkid said...

Its good to be prepared with spares and stuff...
Hope your recovery is speed and your out and about again soon -:)

TrevorW�� said...

*rlove2bike* *springfieldcyclist.com* *jeff* *John Romeo Alpha* *limom* *coastkid*
Thanks for your good wishes for a speedy recovery Guys.

Thanks for the good wishes for my recovery.
Yes we have a number of general style wholesale outlets at which I can indulge my Island mentality.

*Big Oak*
Thanks for your words of support.
Yes I use the Tifosi as my training and Audax bike.
I have not done the 'L2E2L' ride but I have done 'Lands End to John o'Groats' ride. One thousand miles in ten days. I have also done 'Cherbourg to Santander' (ACCR) in Northern Spain. Both were great rides.
In September I will be cycling Gibraltar to the UK (1500 miles)
Good luck with your rides.

*Mr Paparazzo*
Cycling 100+ miles a day I am burning about 8000 calories. I need the energy products to replace the calories. They are perfectly safe and healthy so long as you use them wisely.
Thanks for the kind words of support.

MrDaveyGie said...

I like you with the bike stuff, lotz of bike products.

Six weeks off.

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