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Wednesday 2 February 2011

A PHONE CALL......'we are going to take your bikes away'.

Yesterday I had a phone call - This woman on the other end said that 'we are going to take your bikes away'.

Well not really - but she might well have said that - the effect would have been the same. It was actually my consultant's secretary and she phoned  to inform me that I would be required to be at the hospital next Tuesday morning for my operation. She also reminded me that I would not be allowed to ride my bikes for a number of weeks afterwards. She said ' you do understand that don't you?' For some reason she obviously feels that I'm not going to be a 'good boy' and I will climb back on a bike the moment I get home. Someone seems to have informed her that I don't follow instructions all that well and will ignore all good medical advice. It certainly seems that way- as she wanted me to confirm that I will be following the advice I have been given.

After I mentioned in my last posting that I needed to go back to the hospital, a number of people contacted me to  enquire if this was connected with my Cancer treatment. Well I am happy to report that it is not. My Cancer recovery seem to be going to plan and my next set of tests and checks to ensure that it hasn't started to make a comeback will be in early May and I will let you all know the results at that time.
No, this operation is connected with the cycling crash that I had back in June 2009 when I got back to the UK after completing the ACCR . In that crash I received a huge impact to the head which demolished my cycling helmet as well as knocking me unconscious. The impact caused damage at the back of my left eye and this resulted in me losing the sight in that eye about three months later. I  later had an operation which recovered my sight and this new operation is to correct various other problems with that eye.

Now we have entered the second month of the year- and with the enforced break in my activities coming up next week - it has given me the opportunity to look back on January and see what I have managed to achieve.

I started the year with the intention of riding at least 25 miles each day for six days of the week. I have actually averaged closer to 30 miles each day. Obviously some days I will ride considerably more miles and some days less but I really needed to achieve the 25 mile a day average in order to build up my strength and fitness and because I also knew that I would be forced to stop riding the bike as explained above.
I think that my decision to display my 'Cycling Mileage' on this blog has proved to be a really good motivator for me. If I fail it's displayed for the world to see and I can't have that.........

I have managed to free up some of my time by stepping down as the Backpackers Club Dorset Liaison Member-something that I had been considering for some time.

The Ferry bookings have been made for our 'Tour de Brittany' Cyclepacking trip in May.

The date for another Cyclepacking trip- this time to the Isle of Wight has also been made for the beginning of July.

The dates for various Sportives have also been sorted - kicking off with a ride out of Wimborne in early May. Depending on my fitness after the lay off etc I might even fit one in during April.

So at the moment my training rides for the .Rock to the UK ride scheduled for the first three weeks in September are bang on target. I have not managed to let myself down yet..!!

I now have to plan what I will get up to when I can't ride the bikes..... Some walking.....some trips to my favourite LBC in the quest for an additional wheelset for my Tifosi. (I am looking for a nice Italian wheelset to use as summer wheels) ......some photographic trips to build up my photo library.....Yes I don't think that I will be short of things to do...!!


limom said...

Now you make sure you be a good boy!
Maybe you can get a trainer?

The bike shed said...

Good luck with your treatment.

You could always take up kayaking - just think of all the new kit you could have. Oh the fun!

TrevorW�� said...


I do have one- it's all singing all dancing- the problem is I mustn't do ANY exercise that's likely to push up my blood pressure. Something to do with pressure in the eye.
I'm pretty sure that it's all a conspiracy by the club and team riders to stop me getting to far ahead with training..

Oooooh - Don't suggest something else that I can spend money on. I will probably end up looking at kayaks and kayaking kit on the internet now.....As you say, Oh the fun!

Mark's cycling blog said...

Good luck Trevor and do as you are told ;-) good health as you know is very precious.

Martin Rye said...

Hope it all gets sorted out fast and time is a healer.

Big Oak said...

I am quite envious of the cycling mileage you've achieved for January. It has been a good motivator for me, as well.

Good luck with your operation.

Laura said...

I support the kayaking idea - it is a nice balance to cycling. Our garage has bikes hanging on one wall and kayaks hanging on the other!

Anonymous said...

Walking will be a great change, I think. I hope all goes well for you.

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks Mark. I hope that you are also making headway with your own recovery.

*Martin Rye*
Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated.

*Big Oak*
I am glad that my cycling mileage is helping to motivate you and thanks for the 'good luck'.

Yes the kayaking is a good idea - unfortunately as I mentioned in a previous post - now I'm retired I don't have enough time to take on anything else. Ha Ha

Steve A said...

So, really they're saying no hard exercise of any kind. OTOH, doesn't getting upset about irritating medical advice push up your blood pressure as well?

I imagine if you tried that line, she'd tell you to just be a good boy and do what you're told...

mrbill said...

Good luck with your operation!
Yep, 2 weeks w/o riding will be rough, but you can do this.

John Romeo Alpha said...

The last time I drove a car, my blood pressure definitely went up. I didn't go very far, and yet still saw several examples of dangerous, careless, and aggressive driving. So yes, walking sounds like a good plan.

chib said...

Gotta nice blog eh!

MrDaveyGie said...

Wishing you good luck man. That is some tough stuff you've been through. Your spirit about it all is an inspiration. Thank you.

GreenComotion said...

Wish you the very best in all walks of life! Good luck with your health!!
Peace :)

TrevorW�� said...

Your right about the walking - a change is as good as a rest...

Trouble is I'm never a good boy and never do what I'm told.

*MrBill* *chib* *MrDaveyGie* *Chandra*
Thanks for your really kind words of support it does mean a lot..

John Romeo Alpha
Driving always puts my blood pressure up- one of the reasons I try to avoid driving these days unless I really have to. To many idiot drivers out there so I don't want to add to them.
Walking for a few weeks will be a nice change.

J_on_tour said...

It looks like you are either made of strong stuff or they just can't keep you down. I hope the surgery goes well. It is unbelievable what the eye surgeons do.

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks J
Stubborn is what I have been described as....!

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