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Sunday 13 March 2011


As I mentioned in my last post I have been back riding again this week.
Following the 45 mile ride on that first outing, my subsequent rides were all over shorter distances. This wasn't because of any problem that I experienced on the 45 miles but just that I wanted to pace myself back over a reasonable distance.  It's always a bit difficult after a lay off of more than a week or two to know how much or how little to do. Looking back on the week though I think that I got it about right.

What really annoyed me when I was forced to stop riding just over 4 weeks ago, was that I was only 98 miles short of my first 1,000 miles for the year. During January I was managing to put in an average of just over 180 miles a week and then it went to zero.......
When I started back this week, it was really important for me to do that 98 miles as a minimum in order for me to push past that magic number.

I had to give myself a carrot...! Something that would help me focus on reaching my goal.
Now I am normally (well most of the time) quite strict when it comes to food intake...No chocolate...No cakes...No chips....Etc  etc. I realize how much harder it us to cycle uphill when you are carrying excess weight..As we have a fair few hills in my home area keeping my weight down is something I am constantly aware of.   So I promised myself that when I reached  the 1,000 mile mark I would allow myself to indulge in a 'chocolate topped cupcake'. Well not just one...maybe two or three....Just this once..!!

So during all of my rides this week I have focussed on the cupcake.You could call it the 'Purpletraveller Cupcake Training Plan'. Anyway,  it worked..!   It worked so well that even when I hit the goal I carried on cycling and did not even then allow myself to eat it. Just another 5 miles....then another 5.... then just a few more miles..... Anyway my final numbers on this first week back are:-

TOP SPEED REACHED DURING THE WEEK - 41.30 mph (downhill of course)

Now I realise  that these figures are not anything special, but for me following an enforced hiatus to my riding I am reasonably pleased. In truth I am just glad to be back out on the bike...enjoying the scenery and the ride.

In the end ...when the cycling for the week was completed I did eat the cupcake..and another...and another............!


limom said...


Big Oak said...

Good deal! I'm glad you met and exceeded your goal. I hope you receive many more cupcake awards this year!

The bike shed said...

I think those stats are pretty impressive. I've done about 60 miles on my single speed (love it) and at much slower pace.

By the way - are you going to the Backpack weekend in April? Reply at my blog.

Steve A said...

Cupcakes and coffee. You've gone further than I have this year, despite your enforced "off the bike" period.

MrDaveyGie said...

Good come back
Good stats.
Great treat(s)

rlove2bike said...

Not only are your stats impressive, your willpower is to be commended. I wish you could share some of that willpower with me.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Those stats look impressive to me, particularly the average speed. Are you sure you weren't fueling those rides with cupcakes?

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks for the comments fellas..

Regarding John Romeo Alpha's comment about the average speed- I must admit that I did push on to keep the average up -
In the sportives I enter
15.3mph (in my age category) would put me in the gold band finish so on last weeks stats I would only have had a silver finish missing gold by 1/10th mph average.


hola trevor!!!! ¿no tienes traductor de idiomas en el blog? en fin, te agradezco tu bonito comentario y te deseamos lo mejor desde espaƱa,animo y fuerza pedales!!!

GreenComotion said...

Many more happy miles to you, Trevor!
Peace :)

Isabel said...

Trevor , when you cicle, do you go with your camera?

TrevorW�� said...


Yes Isabel I always take a camera when cycling, but the pictures I take tend to be in a different style to the images I have on my 'Aura of Past Shadows' photo blog.


Mark's cycling blog said...

Cup cakes yumyum a worthy reward for a worthy plan ;)

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are impressive after a forced layoff. Admire your determination!

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