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Friday 20 January 2012


 Following the great weekend I had at the BPC Dorset Group static camping weekend...... I have packed the touring bike away again and this week I have been back out on the Tifosi Audax bike. 

I am managing to put in some good quality mileage and am hopeful that this year I will take a major step up in my fitness levels and my cycling ability. 
I am working on my power and hill climbing abilities and really getting a good buzz from my riding right now. 

It must all be having some effect...... as I was riding back from the BPC weekend on my fully loaded touring bike I came up behind a young guy (early twenties) fully decked out in his local club colours just as we hit a very steep hill. 

The twenty something club rider stood up to attack the hill and I sailed past him still seated on my tourer, panniers and all....... as I powered past him you could almost feel his disbelief.....I just hope that I don't come up against him in a local club event this year as I think I might be a marked man.
Thursday saw another birthday come and go...

I think that as we get older we tend to celebrate our birthdays less and less....certainly not as much as the youngsters anyway. 
When you think about it though, the older we get the more we have to celebrate...I mean each year becomes an achievement in itself. 

I reached 64 this year and I can't believe it. I don't feel like I thought I would at 64.... I feel fit and I am doing a lot of the things that I used to do fifty years ago.....I ride my bike....go camping....indeed in a lot of ways retirement allows you to live your youth all over again. 

For my 14th birthday I got a new bike....it was a BSA in a beautiful two tone blue....it was the first brand new bike I had ever owned and I can remember that I spent that year talking friends into coming on cycle touring trips with me. 

I travelled miles on that bike and a  passion was started that year that has never really stopped. As I start my 65th year I see that I am still doing those same things......nothing has really changed at all...just the number  from 14 to 64.


Tracy W said...

Happy birthday. Doesn't it feel great to demonstrate that you're still fit and strong enough to nail those hills!

jeff said...

Happy Birthday! And I've been that guy getting passed on steep hills, but I've passed a few souls too. The latter is more fun.

limom said...

The Purple Soul Crusher.

limom said...

Oh and Happy B-day!

John Romeo Alpha said...

You are a relentless crusher of the souls of younger men. Excellent.

rlove2bike said...

Happy Birthday!!! That is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the post!!

Big Oak said...

Happy Birthday!

It sounds like your fitness level is pretty high right now.

Thank you for the inspiration. When I retire I want to be like you - fit enough to ride and ride.

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!
No way! Did you cycle past a guy up hill while sitting!
Definitely a marked man. lol.

Firstly I think it's about time you changed that "amateur at all 3" You're definitely more on the semi-pro category in cycling. :-)

Speaking of which, I was thinking of getting a static cycling trainer. I don't have enough time to get my hours on the road. Need to start training for my London to Paris in August. Is there any you would recommend. I've heard of Tacx products but they look expensive.

ZyVu xox

Marsha said...

Happy birthday!The older you get, the more fun being fit is!

TrevorW�� said...

*Tracy W*
It certainly does Tracy.....

I would agree with that Jeff.

I will have to get some 'Purple Soul Crusher' cycling caps made up....

I will put you down for one of the caps then eh?

Thanks for that....

*Big Oak*
My fitness levels have really improved since I retired....It;s just great being able to get out and ride every day....

Thanks for the comments Cello.

Regarding the indooor static trainer..
In the February edition of 'Cycling Active' magazine they have a small test of a few Turbo Trainers.
The Test winner was the ELITE NOVOMAG at £179.99 and 10/10 points.
The TACX BUSHIDO ERGO at £849.99 scored high at 9/10 points and certainly has all the whistles and bells.It was only marked down one point because of the high price but it is a pretty good bit of kit....
If you can afford it I would go for the TACX....but if you are like most of us and the price is just too high the ELITE NOVOMAG is a good and versatile Turbo to buy and with a far more reasonable price tag.

You are so right Marsha...Being older makes lots of things more fun...

MrDaveyGie said...

64 and still getting a 'buzz' from riding, thank you, you are a good example to all of us not to far behind you......it can be a great life...

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks for that Davey....your right-it can be a great life.

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