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Sunday 1 July 2012


Well it's started....this years Tour de France that is. 
I had thought earlier in the year that I might travel over to France in order to watch some of the TDF and soak up all the atmosphere, but then I decided that if I was going to do that I would rather go next year when it will be the 100th tour. 
So I have settled for watching it this year on the television at home thanks to ITV4... I won't be getting the full TDF experience with all the atmosphere, but I will be able to follow it every step - or should that be spin of the wheel- along the way.

Obviously this now means that for the next three weeks my daily rides will have to take place earlier in the day....on some days much earlier. 
My plan is to get out early and get the miles in, returning home in time to have lunch and settle down in front of the TV to enjoy the entertainment of the Tour until about tea time. Then in the early evening I plan to watch the 'Tour Highlights' programme again on ITV4. 

One thing that I would like to point out to everyone is that unlike the Football and the Wimbledon Tennis, which is shown on the mainstream channels and on which the 'normal' programmes are pushed aside on the wrong and misguided  assumption that 'everyone' must love those sports, the Tour is tucked away on ITV4 and no one will have their favourite programmes shoved to one side in order to make way for it.... 
I will be able to sit at home and enjoy my favourite sport in the knowledge that for the many people out there who have no interest in it whatsoever, I will not be stopping their entertainment in order for me to enjoy mine. Just a little gripe of mine!! 

I have all my TDF kit ready...books....charts....maps of the route....details of the teams....magazine supplements....reviews of previous tours..etc..etc. 
.....and beer....plenty of beer!! 

The problem I face is, will I be able to last the distance? 
Will I manage to hang on in there right up to and including that final 130km flat stage from Rambouillet to Paris on Sunday 22nd July? 
After all I will be getting up and riding earlier in the day compared to normal and I will be consuming more beer than normal.
I tell you there are lots of hardships ahead in pursuit of my sport.....!!   
I will let you all know how my tour is going as it unfolds.


Marsha said...

Oh the sacrifices we make for this sport!! I'll be thinking of you as I watch the TDF here in Florida on NBC Sports Network. The difference here is that NBC is one of the major TV networks, and NBC Sports Network is their subsidiary cable channel. So, like you, we watch every minute of the TDF, while most Americans will see summaries or special stages on NBC. Hooray for modern TV coverage!

Jason said...

I think you can do it! :-)

I'll be watching everyday too, recording the live coverage in the morning and then enjoying it when I get home from work. Vive Le Tour!

Mark Shaw said...

Come on Wiggo

John Romeo Alpha said...

I'm pulling for you man. I would write your team name on chalk on your floor to cheer you on, if that would help. And they need a special jersey for you if you make it all the way: king of the ale!

limom said...

You can do it!

RANTWICK said...

I don't know, sounds pretty gruelling. I hope your couch has been properly tuned and well maintained! Did you train at all for this?

GreenComotion said...

Just do it, Trevor :)
And, when you are done, have a cold one for me!

Paz :)

Hedge Bandit said...

I am very jelous. My TDF watching during the day will consist of the live text box supplied by Cycling Weekly (god bless them the small mercies that they are) drinking 'tea' from the 'coffee machine' at 'Work'.


Michael said...

Since I don't do beer for breakfast, and that is the time of day I will be watching le Tour, I have to make do with a bowl of cereal. I might like your way better.

jeff said...

I too will have to watch most of it recorded. And when I can watch live it's early in the morning, so I might need to ride before the temperatures climb too high, and watch the recording later anyway. Whatever, good luck in your quest!

Joan X said...

Hello, greetings from Barcelona (Spain)! The routes and photos from your blog are great. Makes you want to go there to make pure MTB. I became a follower

Mine is in its infancy but I have begun to publish. This tine written in Catalan but a translator to read it.

A hug! Joan X


scott said...

But you're missing all the tennis!

TrevorW�� said...

As you say Marsha 'hooray for modern TV coverage'....Enjoy!

I hope so Jason...Enjoy your Tour..!

*mark shaw*
Spot on Mark....

King of the Ale sounds pretty good....What colour will the jersey be..??

Certainly hope so..!!

All tuned and well maintained...but I haven't trained as much as I would have liked..!

I promise to have one for you Chandra....

I hope that tea tastes better than the stuff I used to get out of a work place machine....Enjoy your 'cycling weekly' tour.....

Yeah...but the cereal is probably a lot healthier....

Thanks Jeff....Whichever way you manage to watch it....Enjoy!

*Joan X*
Hi John, Thanks for you visit. I have left a message on your blog and look forward to our continued link....

Only you could say that Scott..!!
It's all about priorities and in my world there is a sporting truth....
'Wheels before balls'.

Miguel said...

Hello Trevor, greetings from Barcelona (Spain), el ciclismo hace unión amigo.


TrevorW�� said...

Hi Miguel, Thanks for your visit....Nice to have a true union of cyclists....

Steve A said...

Tell Michael that cereal with beer instead of milk doesn't seem very appetizing. Beer and cereal should be kept segregated from each other. That being said - Long live Wheetabix!

TrevorW�� said...

*Steve A*
I don't know Steve - cereal with beer could well start a new craze, then again..........

J_on_tour said...

I've heard about armchair walkers but never armchair cyclists ... thats because they don't exist as you've proved !
I have a similar gripe about British basketball, the only thing is that I would have to pay for it as it aint on freeview.

TrevorW�� said...

*J_on tour*
Let's hope that British basketball gets some exposure on mainstream channels in the future J...

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