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Thursday 2 May 2013

Day Four of 10in10 Training Camp.

Today was the last full day of our training Camp. John and Lorenzo both had to return home due to work so it was just Jon and I for the final day....
The weather was glorious much as it has been all week but even warmer. We completed a large loop taking in Coombe Bissett...Rockbourne... part of the Northern New Forest....Lintern....Cranborne.... Farnham
and then back to our camp.
It was a total mileage of just under sixty miles, although Jon did find it necessary to go down the road and back to push it to just over that sixty Mark.
We stopped off at a pub on the edge of the New Forest for lunch. I had a large coffee and a tuna sandwich which was in the real doorstep tradition...all five inches in height of it.
This past few days has been really enjoyable, the weather has been brilliant and the riding has been superb. It has also enabled the team to all get to know each other better as well as to become familiar with each member of the teams riding style.
Tomorrow we will break camp and return home.... This coming weekend is a bank holiday and we don't want to still be on the site when it fills up with tourists and weekend holiday makers.!!!! That wouldn't do at all!!


rlove2bike said...

This sounds like a very good time. I understand pushing another couple miles to get the metric century in. I probably would have done the same.


Unknown said...

I read somewhere that you need LOTS of food to fuel all this training. I am very good at the fuel intake bit, it is just the exercise stuff I need to work at. Really looking forward to following your daily adventure in 10/10

TrevorW�� said...

I'd dropped him on the last 5 miles so I didn't realize that he was going to bother with the extra couple of miles...If I'd realized I would have done it as well! Well maybe :-)

TrevorW�� said...

*Peter Roberts*
It will be a bit of a concern on the 10in10 trying to replenish each days calorie burn, which could be between 4500/7000 calories each day.
That equates to an awful lot of food!

Brendaintheboro said...

Good to see these last few posts. Glad you are riding well.

TrevorW�� said...

*Brenda Cupryna*
Thanks Brenda...we certainly had good weather for our training camp and that always helps with the riding.....

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