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Sunday, 24 May 2015

A Bus Ride Back in Time....

The other day Anne and I took a Bus from the site to Salisbury. For me it was a bus ride back in time. Years ago, well 1972 to be precise I worked in Salisbury. I managed a jewellery shop at the end of the street in the picture below with the archway (it's no longer there).... I would like a £ for every time I walked through that archway on the way to work...
It's odd because over the years I have been back to the city a lot of times but this was the first time that I had feelings of nostalgia.... All sorts of memories came flooding back including things that happened back then that I had forgotten all about. Maybe you have to reach a certain age before you get those types of feelings.
Anyway, Anne and I had a really enjoyable day there, even managing to spend some money.
I have to say how much easier it was to travel  there on the bus than driving there and then having the hassle of parking. Salisbury is always busy with traffic and it made it a much more relaxed trip without the car.
Sir Edward Heath, the onetime UK Prime Minister used to own a house overlooking the Cathedral green... you can see a photo of it below. Nowadays it is open to the public on certain days of the week.
When I lived in the city one of my friends was a stonemason working on refurbishment of the Cathedral..He used to say that the work would never end because as soon as one section had been replaced something else would require attention.....a never ending job in fact.
Since we have been at this campsite we have been lucky again with the weather which has been good.....
Yesterday Jon Joynes came over from his home in Yeovil and spent the afternoon with us.
Jon was one of the 10 countries in 10 days cycling team back in 2013 and it was nice to see him for a natter and catch up.
Well, tomorrow my daughter and her family are coming over to the campsite for the day so I better go and prepare myself for my grandsons :-)


GreenComotion said...

What a lovely recollection of your past, Trevor! Nothing like visiting some place like this and meeting up with good ole friends. Man - what a joy!
Have a Great Time!
Peace :)

TrevorW�� said...

As you say Chandra...A real joy!

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