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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Temperature Up - Energy Low

Over the past few days the temperature has gone up.... but I have to say our energy levels have gone down......
The hotter it has got the less moving around we have felt like indulging in....
Sitting around enjoying the good weather has been more the order of the day.

However, prior to this sudden burst of hotter weather we managed to explore the area on various walks..
The other day we visited the Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum....
I would say that it was worth the visit.

Trying to identify the many and varied trees occupied a lot of our time as we walked one of the marked trails 
The view from the view point was quite spectacular.... it gave us fantastic panoramic views of the county from the Malvern Hills in the east to the Black Mountains in the west. There was also a toposcope depicting the various hills and ridges in the view.....

While we were wandering along the trail we came across this (see below)  sculpture/carving of a dormouse...it wasn't until we got back to Eva the Eriba and started reading a leaflet about the Country Park that we found out that there are a further six sculptures of forest animals.

Now I know that as we get older our eyesight is likely to deteriorate, but I didn't think it had got that bad...we hadn't seen any of the other sculptures....
According to the information we were reading the sculptures have been created by local chainsaw carvers Steve Elsby and Harry Thomas from a variety of locally-sourced wood.

So, we will now be going back at some time over the next week to seek out the elusive carvings...

The Dormouse Sculpture

Close-Up View of the Dormouse


GreenComotion said...

Hot weather can be an energy-drainer, sometimes.
Hang in there, hydrate plenty and carry on.
The sculptures make our cats envious that they didn't get to see them in person :)
Take care and enjoy, Trevor!
Peace :)

TrevorW�� said...

*Chandra Eswaran*
Drinking plenty of H2O Chandra... :-)

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