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Saturday, 26 February 2022

Sending good Karma...

 With everything that's going on in the world it seems right to send out some good karma.... There are a lot of people who need it right now......

Moving on to my bike dislikes I have another one this week. Tubeless tyres..... On mountain bikes it's all fine and dandy but I am against it on road bikes ...... Tubeless sealant can be messy..... If it does spill out it can leave a real mess over the bike. It also has to be checked every so often because it can dry out and needs to be topped up. I'm sticking with tubed tyres and change or repair the tubes as I have always done.

Health wise I was called into radiology on Wednesday to have a mapping exercise carried out. The growth in my back was matched up on a CT scanner and small tattoos were made on my body so everything can be lined up perfectly when the actual treatment is given which will be this coming Thursday. 

It seems that one treatment could well be sufficient sometimes a second one is given. In the meantime I have had my nerve pain medication increased slightly and it does seem to be helping.

I will find out soon if I am likely to have period of remission.  

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