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Saturday 28 February 2009

Another New Year

For the past three days I have been celebrating the Tibetan Buddhist New Year. This year is the Female Year of the Earth Ox.
I always find a New Year a time full of anticipation - it's a bit like setting off on a Backpacking trip as you never know exactly what it has in store for you. In common with lots of others, my work colleagues and I start this New Year with the threat of redundancy hanging over us. From my perspective a forced early reitirement might not be such a bad thing. On the plus side I would have lots of extra time for my various backpacking trips-walking-camping-cycling and photography.However, I would have to get by on a smaller income with which to do all these things- there is always a catch!! Hopefully we will all know our 'fate' over the next two months. I must say I will be glad when it is all sorted as work is not a nice place to be right now with the morale of the workforce ,as you would expect,very low. I feel quite excited by the uncertainty of the coming year -another rotation of the wheel of my life.

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