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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Presentation at Dorchester Hospital

Last Thursday evening the RevPro Cycling team were invited to attend Dorchester Hospital for a presentation evening. We were able to hand over a cheque to the Dorset Kidney Fund for the sum of £11783.31 Just under half the total came from our LEJOG bike ride and the rest was raised by JD and various Masonic Lodges. As well as handing over our cheque we in turn were each presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for the £5643.00 that we had raised on our End to End ride. The photo shows JD (centre) Gareth Morns (r) and myself. Dave Vaughan who was so vital on the ride in his role as support vehicle driver (and mother/nurse etc) was also at the presentation but is not shown in the photo as he is behind the camera with his finger on the button.

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