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Sunday, 8 February 2009

March of Time.

Over this current winter I have certainly felt more my age. The cold weather seems to have got into my bones. Limbs that I have broken in the past have ached like crazy and I have even suffered with cold feet and chilblains on my toes.
Now I think that my brain is on the way out!!!
Some of you will remember the tale I told you of the time I was in Jessops. I completed my purchase and was just about to leave the shop when I noticed that someone had left a carrier bag on the counter. I pointed it out to the sales assistant and left the shop. About five minutes walk from the shop it dawned on me that the bag had in fact been my own - an item that I had purchased in Boots. The embarassment of going back to Jessops and having to ask for my own bag back was about as painful as it gets! OR SO I THOUGHT. Yesterday I was just about to leave work at the end of my shift when JD phoned me. I continued packing up my gear as I was speaking to him. I locked all my kit in my locker and then realised that I could not find my company issue mobile phone. As I continued the conversation with JD I opened up my locker again and went through my uniform pockets etc etc. I then went back into the office to check if the phone was there. No phone! I searched for it for a good few minutes before I realised that the phone I was looking for was in fact the phone that I was using to talk to JD with. I told JD what I had been doing during our conversation and all the other guys in the mess room just fell about laughing. The pleasure's of getting older!!

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean your brains on the way out, i always thought it was

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