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Sunday 1 March 2009

Early Morning Ride

After yesterday's ferry ride, today started with an early morning ride on my touring bike (the revolution). Just my regular training circuit consisting of Studland-Corfe-Swanage-Studland & home. About 35 miles in total with a good mix of terrain. The ride gave me the chance to test out my recently fitted Double Leg Central Stand that you can see in the photograph. The great thing about this stand is that even with the bike loaded with panniers the bike should remain upright as the load is evenly balanced between both legs-well that's the theory. The One Leg Side Stand that I have on the Dahon is OK on an unloaded bike but the moment you have any load on board the bike just falls over - not what you want on a tourer like the Revolution Country Traveller.

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John Hee said...

Drop handle bars

Crikey - that takes me back a few years


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