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Thursday 19 March 2009

No Punctures Today!

Today's ride was completed on my own. Gareth Morns had said that he might accompany me but late yesterday afternoon he sent me a text to say that he was unable to make it. He had probably heard about my new found 'Puncture Jonah' status. My route today was my usual 35 mile circuit across on the Sandbanks ferry-out to Corfe-on to Swanage and back to the ferry and then home. The ride felt good today. Even though there was a head wind for a good part of the time I managed to power along keeping my average speed well up. I was up and over the hills (including the 'Hill of Death' ) with the minimum of fuss and effort and for the first time this year I felt that all my training efforts were getting somewhere. Time for the route today was 2 hours dead which is my best time so far this year. Considering the wind today not a bad time even though I do say so myself. Oh- and there were no punctures either.

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