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Saturday 25 July 2009


It was brilliant today to see Bradley Wiggins of Team Garmin-Slipstream hold on to his 4th place position in the general classification of The Tour de France as he climbed Mont Ventoux. On that mountain the race can be won or lost in one bad moment. After three weeks of racing with all the pressures and stress that the riders will have been under it was a cruel decision by the organisers to put that climb in at the last but one day-but what great cycling it made.
I climbed a mountain of my own today-I managed to get on my town bike and ride for ten minutes around the local streets. This was the first time since my accident 5 weeks ago that I have been on a bike-not perfect or pain free yet but it is a start. Not quite Mont Ventoux I know but just as tough for me right now.


Anonymous said...

How are the stabilisers!!!

Romantic bed and breakfasts said...

Mont Ventoux, (to interpret to English, "Windy Mountain") is situated in the Provencal Region of the South of France. It is an awesome sight at 1909 metres above the sea it can be seen from almost anywhere in Provence. And from the summit, one can enjoy magnificent panoramic views.

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