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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Team 219 still training.

Although I am stuck at home for the time being with my various ailments- the Team 219 lads are managing to get out and about on their bikes.
John has sent me a picture of his 'Revolution' on the seafront at Swanage. As the weather was so good today he decided to ride our Studland/Corfe/Swanage training circuit. John tells me that he was feeling so good that after he had ridden the circuit once he then went round and did it all over again. This means he rode the 'hill of death' twice. John has really come on as a cyclist over the past two years and he has managed to lose two stone in weight as well. When he first started riding he only just managed to get to the top of the HOD now he can manage two ascents on the same ride. Well done John !
Dave (the broom wagon)Vaughan has sent me a picture of his new set of wheels parked up at the bridge at Wareham. Dave tells me that he completed the Studland/Corfe/Wareham training route but was beaten by the HOD. He managed to get two thirds of the way up before he had to dismount. I have no doubt that after more training Dave will beat the hill in the same way that John has done. A really great first attempt Dave !
I wish that I could be out riding with these guys and I aim to do just that as soon as my health issues are sorted.
John and I have already been discussing various rides that we plan on doing next year including a trip to Normandy in late spring/early summer and a charity ride for 'Help the Heroes'. I also plan on entering the Duncton Sportive with the aim of moving from bronze to silver and there is even talk of Cycling Across America in 2011.
I have worked out my training schedule (including my cancer treatment) and even if I dont regain the sight in my left eye - I will be riding next year....................!!

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The bike shed said...

That sounds positive.

Been following your blog for a while, though didn't manage to make it to static meet like I'd hoped. Did do a post on backpackers meet over at my blog the other day - it is titled Legacy.

Have you considered riding on the track? Very good for winter training - warm an controlled, and fantastic fun. There is a good (smallish) indoor track at Calshot,

Six weeks off.

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