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Thursday 18 November 2010


Over the past couple of months I've been testing out bars. No not those type of bars! (that remains an ongoing project) No the type of bars I've been testing out are energy bars.

Now those of you who have ridden with me will know that for sportive's and other similar events I favour ZipVit products.  I use ZipVit project ZV1 & ZV2 energy drinks - project ZV8 energy plus bars - project ZV7 and ZV7C energy gels and  my favourite (I think I am addicted) the project ZV9 protein plus recovery bars in the yoghurt coated banana & blueberry flavour.

What I have been looking for is something for the long distance endurance rides such as next years 'Rock to the UK' trip. I was looking for something that had a wide range of flavours and was more like an ordinary type of cereal and fruit bar so that the guys wouldn't get bored with the taste day in and day out.
Now I am pretty sure that I have found exactly what I was looking for in 'Mule Bars'.

My plan was to test all the flavours out and then list them in some sort of order with my favourite at number one moving through them all to number eight. I was looking at flavour - consistency  etc.
The problem is that I like them all and the levels of carbs they pack in each bar is certainly on a par with all the other brands that I have tried out and believe me I have tried out a lot.
So what I will do is just list the flavours and the main ingredients of each flavour.

MANGO TANGO (fair- trade organic mango and cashew nuts)
HUNZA NUT (fair -trade organic apricot and walnut)
STRUDEL (organic apple, raison & cinnamon)
CHOCOLATE FIG FIESTA (chocolate, fig and crushed almond)
LIQUORICE ALLSPORTS (organic liquorice, coconut & fennel seed)
PINACOLADA (pineapple, coconut & goji berry)
SUMMER PUDDING (raspberry, cranberry & blackcurrant)

The summer pudding flavour was brought on the market this year and the wrapping is in 'Tour of Britain' red white & blue colours..
The ingredients used are all natural with no nasty additives which probably explains why these bars don't have that artificial taste that so many energy bars seem to have.
These bars do taste seriously good and would be great to have in the pack on a backpacking trip as well as a number of other activities.

I really can't wait to cycle all the way back to the UK from Gibraltar as I chew my way through box after box of this stuff...!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to look for the Mule Bars - I like their choice and range of flavours!

GreenComotion said...

Nice report!

I have usually only bought energy bars when they are on sale.

But right now, I am laying off them because of the sugar content. Instead, I am taking a fresh fruit or two with me and some raw almonds.

Bars are definitely very convenient, of course!

Peace :)

John Romeo Alpha said...

I appreciate the natural ingredients, which resemble something I might try to concoct at home, except these are more convenient. If I made these at home I might use honey instead of rice syrup, though. Honey seems like an under-appreciated performance ingredient to me. I am going to try these bars next time I see them, particularly the ones with chocolate.

TrevorW�� said...

Yes the flavours are quite varied.

Fresh fruit is a must as well- I usually like to have a banana or two.

The idea of using honey instead of rice syrup sounds really good.
On shorter training rides I do like to have homemade flapjacks- they taste good and work out cheaper than bought ones of course.

cloudbusting2 said...

Good luck for finding the right one. Red one for me, thanks.

Groover said...

Never heard of Mule Bars but the flavours all seem different to your standard chocolate and vanilla. I like the sound of Pincolada but it would probably entice me too much to kick back by the pool rather than pushing pedals. :-)

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