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Thursday 4 November 2010


This is the scene down at the Sandbanks side of the Studland ferry. NO FERRY. Every two years the chain ferry is taken up to Southampton for a full service and refit. The ferry will be out of operation for between 4 to 6 weeks.The slipway will also have some improvements carried out during this time as well.

For a lot of the local riders this ferry is seen as the gateway to the Purbecks.  In just a few minutes on the ferry Roadies can be riding great country roads and spinning the pedals up all the hills that the Purbecks have to offer and Mountain bikers have access to some first class trails and hills.

The ferry saves 26 miles of not so bike friendly roads and instantly gets you to the heart of this picturesque area which is also a magnet for walkers situated as it is at the end of the South West coast path.

I will miss the ferry over the next few weeks.


The bike shed said...

I went to Studland recently and thought it would be a good area for a short cycle tour. I liked the ridge of hills too - are they the Purbecs?

TrevorW�� said...

Hi Mark,

Yes. The Purbeck ridge itself stretches from Studland, out over Nine Barrow Down to Corfe and then continues to Worbarrow Bay and Lulworth.

The whole wider area is ideal for a short cycle tour and the Jurrassic Beast Sportive winds its way around these hills in early May.

Six weeks off.

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