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Friday 28 January 2011

.......MY DREAM AND IT'S GREAT.........!!

I thought that I would share a few more photographs of my regular cycle circuit in the Purbecks with you.The weather is not so good in these shots as it was in the last ones I posted but it's just the way the weather has been this week.

 It's been another good week on the bike. My core fitness training has been going pretty well and I am managing to put in some reasonable mileage considering the time of year and uncertainty regarding the weather.I am trying to get some decent rides under my belt because I have to go back to  Hospital again shortly for various procedures and after those I have been instructed that I will not be able to do any exercise at all for between two and six weeks. Ouch ! That is going to be really tough.
 All my riding has been solo and I have not seen any of the usual crew. The problem with the winter months is that people seem to go down with colds and flu and chest infections. The last thing you really want to do with a chest infection is to go out cycling in freezing conditions. So far I have been lucky and managed to avoid the coughs and sneezes that seem to be doing the rounds.
As for JD I have heard nothing. He did  email me a couple of weeks ago to ask about which lighting system I would recommend for his commuting bike- but since then silence. I must chase him up at some time. Before Christmas he was keen to get out training so I must find out what has happened to him.
Before I retired from what is called work I thought how great it would be to have all the hours we are given to do whatever I wanted. The worry is always whether you will be able to find enough to do to fill up those extra hours that retirement gives you. Well the truth is there are still not enough hours in the day for all I want to do.
Riding the bikes - photography - walking etc etc and what do I find ? Not enough hours to fit it all in. I really don't know how I ever managed during all those working years. How did I find the time to do anything? Well the truth of course is that I didn't. I mean I didn't go out on the bike for a five or six hour ride unless I had a free day off . Long walks were the same. Trouble was when I had a day off there were always lot's of chores and other things that needed doing. Now every day is a day off. So the reality is that you just fill up all the extra time you now have with more and more activities. Before you know it you have more activities going on than you have the time for. I'm not complaining - it's just an observation..!
'Living the dream' I think it's called - living your life doing all the things that you want to - all the things that give you a buzz. Well if that's what it means I'm living my dream and it's GREAT...!!


rlove2bike said...

Funny you should talk about the retirement, as it has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. I may have the opportunity to retire early, very early, with my wife continuing to work for a few years. She is pushing me towards the retirement side. We will take a reduction in yearly income for about 8 years, but not enough to do harm, just income we will not be getting. Even though I have not made the final decision, I have made preliminary plans for a couple bike trips. It has been a very tough decision for me to make.

Hope your medical issues get resolved.

limom said...

I am purple with envy!

John Romeo Alpha said...

No exercise after those procedures does sound tough, let's hope it's closer to two weeks than six! Perhaps the time off the bike will permit you to plot your ultimate road conquest when you return!

coastkid said...

"to have all the hours we are given to do whatever I wanted"

Oh how i dream of this!,everyday just go for a cycle or walk then write a wee blog with a few pics and enjoy life!

TrevorW�� said...

My advice would be 'do it'. I took early retirement (about 5yrs) and my wife is also still at work just like yours. In no way do I regret the decision I made.

Yes but you do have true love...!! Campagnolo that is...

*John Romeo Alpha*
Thanks. It's the planning and training for my Gibraltar to the UK ride that keeps me buzzing..!!

You have probably heard it before but the time will pass pretty quick.
Before you know it you will be looking retirement in the face. It was my dream for years- I can't believe that I'm living it.

Big Oak said...

I, too, am envious, but I am thrilled you are able to do as you wish. And it's even better knowing you still don't have time to do all you want to do!

I also hope your time off the bike and exercise is short.

mrbill said...

Enjoyed seeing pics of your riding area, really nice, and no snow, that's good. Sorry to hear your going to have to have some time off the bike, we know how hard that is.

Dan O said...

Enjoy your time off - being able to ride, walk, travel - whatever, is fantastic.

That for me is a long way off. I hope to remain healthy enough to pull that off as well.

J_on_tour said...

I probably don't see myself as being envious, but life is a balancing act of hillwalking, travel, things I am public about on blogger and other things behind the scenes. It's just a shame that work gets in the way !!

TrevorW�� said...

*Big Oak* & *mrbill*
Thanks for the comments. The enforced time off the bike is going to be tough but hopefully it won't be for too many weeks. The hospital still hasn't confirmed the date yet but it looks like the end of February.

*Dan O*
Believe me time will pass so quick - it's closer than you think...

I played the balancing act for years and yes your right work just got in the way.

NikonSniper said...

i love that last part. i am so glad for you. it is so hard to do the things you really want to during the earlier years. i am so glad you have the health to do them now!
nikonsniper steve

The bike shed said...

I'm glad you are living your dream so fully.

I moved to an 80% contract two years ago - best thing I've ever done work wise. I work 4 days a week for 8 months of the year and for the remainder I work full time but accrue extra holiday - perfect.

cloudbusting2 said...

Even the retirement doesn´t give you enough time? I knew it!:-) Where does the time vanish all the time?

TrevorW�� said...

*Stephen Baird*
Thanks for the comments.I retired two years ago and the cancer thingy stopped me being able to enjoy the extra time I had to the full. It is only recently with my improving health that I have felt this way..

That 80% contract seems almost the best of all worlds. Good on you - I am glad it works so well for you.

Your right- where does it all disappear to - I am staggered how fast time seems to fly by.

Worthing Wanderer said...

sigh - how I wish I could retire...

Never enough hours in the day. Riding around the Isle of Purbeck looks really good!

Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock) said...

hi there Trevor, just dropping in to say hi (and read some of your *biking stories*) (;o)*

I read that you will have to go in to hospital soon...My thoughts and solidarity will be with you, remember that...My Positive energy will be shining your way (;o)*

Take care,
smiles from across the roaming miles from the Princess of Rock
Love Peace Music (and biking!)

p.s.: I need to put out some of my biking pics on my blog (My scanner--a new one--doesn't seem to respond, so I have to work that out)

byte byte (;o)*

Samuel de Román said...

It´s great!!

Samuel de Román said...

It´s a great post

GreenComotion said...

I am happy for you. I bet it is a great feeling to retire and be happy.
Peace :)

TrevorW�� said...

*Worthing Wanderer* *Samuel de Roman*

Thanks for your comments guys. I certainly can't recommend retirement enough.
Being happy whatever you are doing is always good...!

*Melody Fox*

Hi Melody - great to hear from the 'Princess of Rock' thanks for the nice comments and I hope that you are keeping well.
I look forward to seeing some of your biking pics. I will keep on dropping by......
As you say - Love Peace Music (and biking!)

Unknown said...

great passion!!!

Linda said...

Hi Trevor, your photo of Dean Hill is beautiful! I enjoy reading your blog and am so happy for you cycling and feeling complete freedom ...It is truly what life should be about...and having the exhilarating feeling of discovering art along the way, precious gems of the earth....smell the lovely air, capture treasured moments in photography...Thank you for sharing your life's travels and I wish you good health and good visits in the hospital...cheers, Linda

TrevorW�� said...

Thanks for the comment.

I am so glad you get some enjoyment from reading my blog.
Thank you for your very kind comments.

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