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Wednesday 16 May 2012


 When this post is published on my blog (assuming the schedule settings work) I will be away on a Backpacking trip around Dartmoor in the south west area of the UK. 
I have spent many hours walking and backpacking in this area and it never fails to offer first class walking if you like the wilder landscape. 
I am hoping to get some good B&W images to add to my portfolio if the rain manages to hold off for long enough and I will also be able to enjoy the companionship of some of the other members of the backpackers club who I will be doing this route with. 
Hopefully I will have travelled down to Dartmoor with Peter Calcutt on the Monday where we will have met up with the others for the start of our walk.
Back in the year 1240 King Henry 111 ordered by way of a writ which was dated 13th June that the lands of his brother Richard of Cornwall should be confirmed by a boundary perambulation. 
The lands in question were the Forest of Dartmoor and the Manor of Lydford which he had previously granted to Richard in 1239. 
It was decreed that the Sheriff of Devon and '12 Lawful Knights of the country' should undertake the mission. 
The walk that we are undertaking as the basis of our short backpacking trip is based on this ancient perambulation and is called the 'Ancient Boundary Walk of Dartmoor'. 
Hopefully our trip will be successful and we will all return as fully fledged 'BOUNDERS'.

[Photographs and a report on the trip will follow in a later post.]


Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I envy you Trevor, I grew up just a few miles from Dartmoor and absolutely love that part of the world! Enjoy!

TrevorW�� said...

My Wife Anne also comes from that part of the world having been brought up in Tavistock.
She thinks that it is a great place to live and probably at some point we will spend a few months each year being based down there.
Oh, by the way - I did enjoy the trip and hope to post some photos soon...

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