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Sunday, 27 May 2012


Another pre-scheduled post I'm afraid. 

If all has gone to plan JD and I will have started our Edinburgh to Portsmouth ride yesterday having travelled up to Scotland in the broom wagon the day before. 
We are lucky enough to have been able to talk Dave (The broom wagon) Vaughan to support us again on this our latest little spree for a charity...........
This time, it is to support the Royal College of Surgeons Research Appeal. 

As is usual when we do these 'charity rides' we have planned the route ourselves and we also meet all the costs of the trip in order to ensure that all the money raised goes straight to the charity. 

As well as cycling the route each day, we will also be stopping off at various hospitals along the way to hopefully meet up with representatives of the Royal College of Surgeons and draw attention to the appeal. 
Our route will take us from Edinburgh to:- Jedburgh...Newcastle...Northallerton....Doncaster...Nottingham... Coventry....Wallingford.... arriving in Portsmouth about a week later. 

If we were just riding the route direct we would probably complete this in about 4/5 days. 
However, because of the charity commitments which we have scheduled each day we have had to allow slightly more time. 

I am hoping that the weather is good to us, as we will be camping and there is nothing worse than at the end of each days cycling (particularly in the rain)  when you are tired and worn out, having to put up the tents in the pouring rain as well. 

One of the positives of course is the fact that we have Dave transporting our kit each day and acting in a backup and support role throughout the trip. 
This means that we can leave our heavier fully loaded touring bikes at home and ride on bikes a bit lighter. JD is using his Specialized Secteur Comp and I am using my ever faithful 'Tiffany' the Tifosi....

As usual I will be taking pictures throughout the ride and when I return home will post photos and a review.


limom said...

Ride safe!

GreenComotion said...

Have a Great Time, Trevor!
Paz :)

Mark Shaw said...

Best of luck sounds good fun

jeff said...

Good luck and be safe!

TrevorW�� said...

*limom* *Chandra* *Mark Shaw* *jeff*
Thanks Guys...
Just to let you know I got back home today safe and sound....

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