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Wednesday 2 May 2012


Looking back on April it seems to have been all wet bikes and wet tents........ 
In spite of a drought being declared at the start of the month, nature had her revenge by deciding to give us far more than the average monthly rainfall that would normally be expected. 

I read this morning that it is possible that the total rainfall we have had during April this year exceeds all previous levels for April for over 100 years. 
This won't affect the hosepipe bans that some of the water companies have imposed throughout the country though...indeed some of the water companies have stated that the bans might need to remain in place right through until next year. 

All the rain and strong winds have certainly had a big effect on my monthly cycling mileage. Throughout the first three months of the year I managed to achieve an average of just over 1,000 miles each month. 
April.....well that was different! 
I only managed  700 miles for the entire month which is quite a drop. 
I am still well on course for my 10,000 miles target for the year but it is still a disappointing figure for me. 

Apart from the rain, wind and lower mileage, April was also a disappointment in other ways. 
As mentioned in a previous post the French touring trip that I had planned with JD and Peter was cancelled due to the medical ups and downs JD and I have had.  
Then, even the short touring trip to the Isle of Wight that we had arranged in its place had to be cancelled right at the last moment because of the weather. 

Having said all this, the rides and trips we have had were fun and I can't wait to see how the mini adventures we have planned for the month of May all pan out. 
You will be able to read about it all here of course..........


Steve A said...

Might the medical concerns had had as much to do with the mileage drop as the weather? Good thing both came together and will hopefully disappear together.

MrDaveyGie said...

Camping and biking in the rain, good for you. And your mileage is still on track. Bravo.

Mark Shaw said...

700 miles a bad month ????

I wish I could fit in one of your bad months from time to time

Anonymous said...

700 miles sounds pretty awesome to me! Looking forward to your May posts.

TrevorW�� said...

*Steve A*
I think you are probably correct Steve...hoping for better during May.

Thanks...I'd rather it not to have been raining though.

*Mark Shaw*
To be fair Mark I don't have to go to work each day so can devote more time to cycling than most people. My mileage was a lot lower before I retired.

Thanks for your comment....

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