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Sunday 9 June 2013

10in10 Stage two.

When we landed at Rotterdam it was dull and cold. Before we could start riding the bikes we had to put cold weather kit on. It really felt as if it was November. It wasn't until this afternoon that the weather started to warm up.
Quote of the day was from JD who came out with "it's so quiet it feels like a Sunday" our reply "it is a Sunday John".
We have had a comms problem all day....no phone connections or i-net. It was only sheer luck that we managed to meet up with Dave twice during the day...the comms is almost sorted now.
Most of today's riding has been on cycle paths....not perfect due to the gravel and other rubbish which finds it's way on to the paths from the road.
We are now in Westerlo Belgium and have now cycled in three countries.
Spirits of the team are high at the moment and we are looking fo


jeff said...

I've thought it an achievement when I cycled through 3 counties in a day! It sounds so much more impressive to ride through 3 countries! Even small ones. ;)

anniebikes said...

I'm rooting for all you guys. Pedal on.

J_on_tour said...

Shame about the rubbish you have to avoid, something that can do without.

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