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Sunday 16 June 2013

Stage Nine

Famous last words from the last posting about the easy 90 mile day we had in front of us.....we didn't take into account today's heat....33c for most of the day. We found it energy draining .
JD had an accident today...he hit a rut in the road which caused him to go over the handlebars. He hit the road with a thump but other than cuts and grazes on his elbow and knee he is OK . Minor damage to bike.
We completed Austria and Liechtenstein today so just need to reach Italy tomorrow. Just one little obstacle in our way....the mountain range seen in one of the photos here. Our route is up the Splugen Pass....we were speaking to a local club rider today and he told us a week ago it was covered in snow but should be ok for us tomorrow. We are all very worried about the climb.I will give you more details about the climbs and facts and figures plus more photos when I get back to the UK..until then tomorrow will be success or failure for our 10in10 objective.
Oh one last thing...we found ourselves mixed up with the Tour of Switzerland mobile village today....quite exciting for us bike riders and again photos when we get home.


Paul said...

Trevor, you're almost there. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

When you get to the chapel we will make our donation, keep up the good work, the Herringtons.

Anonymous said...

Almost there, keep going. JR4712

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