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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Stage Six

Today was a day of decisions. JD and Lorenzo decided that they were unable to continue without compromising the success of the 10in10. They felt that although they could continue riding they were unable to maintain the pace required in order for us to achieve our objective of 10countries in 10days.
Both the guys will continue to ride about 50 miles a day but will not continue with Jon and I.
They both have new tasks though to assist in our success. Lorenzo is producing fantastic meals for us and JD is now helping Dave with navigation and logistics.
Obviously if Jon and I do make it,to Lake Comp OK we will reform as a full team to ride around the Lake and up to the Chapel....
Today the weather was very very hot. Energy shaping heat!!. When we arrived at the campsite the weather blew up into a frenzy with strong winds and then rain.
We are currently camped about 10 miles west of Strasbourg.
Tomorrow we have another decision to make...over a mountain with a shorter distance....or follow a river for almost twice the distance. It depends on weather....so we won't decide till the morning.


Flexirun said...

So nice to read about the cause! Good Luck! Me myself got 36, soon 35, days left to my 140 mile run around our lake here. Take care out on the roads! /Claes (Flexirun)

Phil said...

That's a real shame two had to drop out. At least they are still involved. Good luck. Sincerely hope you all make it to the chapel.

J_on_tour said...

Unforgiving terrain & weather. Shame about the other riders but it's good to regroup managing tasks for the benefit of the team.
Just remember that not all of the climbers get to the top of Everest & it's still treated as a success.

Anonymous said...

With Lorenzo feeding you the team should win thro JR4712

John said...

Sounds like a true team effort, one for all and all for one. I take it this is your first attempt at this. Sounds successful so far. =)

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