Wednesday, 3 September 2008

ASDA Sponsors LEJOG !

John Donoghue informed me today that he has managed to arrange sponsorship from the ASDA branch at Castle Point in Bournemouth for our LEJOG. ASDA have agreed to supply our nutrition requirements for the entire ride. Items such as Energy Bars - Carbo Gels - Malt Loaves etc will all be supplied by them, which will be a tremendous boost for the team.
A big thankyou must go to Nikki at ASDA for her help in organising this for us. It's great for all in the team that these nutrition requirements are being supplied for us, as it could make all the difference with our long term endurance and recovery each day. Thanks for the support ASDA !!

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The Coastie said...

Good Luck if it rains it will save on shower time