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Thursday 11 September 2008

LEJOG day 3

Last night was a wet and windy night the worst kind of night for camping- none of us got much sleep. Today weather was great till 2 hours before end of ride when the heavens opened on us. Dave and Mark two work colleagues came up from Bournemouth and met us on the road and then tonight we all went for a meal together- that was just the greatest morale boost - thanks guys! Todays figures- mileage 91 miles - average speed 14 mph - top speed attained 42.1 mph - calories burned 5743 - we are still on route target!


Darron said...

Keep up the good work guys. I've been thinking of you. Ron. PS Their cannot be anything left of JD if he has burned off 5743 calories today!!

Frankoid said...

Go shrew go!!!! keep those big strong legs pumping! do the other guys know you have a motor on your bike? or was that secret! when you get back the 1st B M is on me!

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