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Monday 15 September 2008

LEJOG day 7

Todays picture shows Gareth and John at the border to Scotland. We crossed over at Gretna Green. The day was wet - wet - wet . All day it rained from the time we left Shap to the time we arrived here about 20 miles south of Kilmarnock. The day was horrendous with huge trucks thundering past us and chucking out gallons of spray and dirt. We were soaked to the skin and filthy with road grime. It probably rates as one of the worst days any of us have ever had at any time. However we havent lost sight of the reason we are all doing this ride- that is what is driving us all on. We are staying in a farmhouse annexe tonight with all mod cons as we really needed to dry everything out- including ourselves! We saw the weather forecast tonight and it looks like we could have to suffer today all over again- the hell of the long distance cyclist!! Todays mileage 103 - average speed 14.6 mph ( for the first 75 miles we set an average speed of 15.00 mph which in todays conditions was some achievement ) Top speed 34.7 - calories burned 6426 . Tomorrow could be GROUNDHOG DAY!


Anonymous said...

WOW Already in Scotland, I'm sure if I drove I would still be in Birmingham or some round about place - with Sat Nav, so you are all doing so very well. Can't tell you how proud I am (particularly of my man!!!!)
Whilst your buring the six thousand or so calories I'm sure everyone watching the blogg is putting them on for you, I know I am!!
Although I really think you need to shave boys! I'm sure youv'e got bugs crawling in there by now!!!

Keep up the good work and take care of your knees!
Well done!


Anonymous said...

It was really great to meet the 4 of you in Shap. I think it's fantastic what you are doing! I hope the weather clears up so that you can enjoy the last few days.

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