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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

"Different Pebbles"

The great thing about the Backpackers Club static weekends is the social element. By definition most Backpackers do most of their trips solo, so it is great to get together to exchange ideas about gear and routes etc. Meeting other people with a similar interest is another bonus of these weekends. One of the people that Peter Calcutt and I met on the Monday morning at Tom's Field was a chap by the name of Garyhat Lakritz.
Garyhat is planning an around Britain charity walk of 6ooo+ miles setting out in February next year. He is doing this as a charity walk in aid of the Histiocytosis Research Trust.
Garyhat is setting up a website which will have all the details regarding this walk such as -Route-Sponsors-etc etc. Although this site is not fully up and running yet, it does link you to another of his sites which has details about a previous walk that he has done. This should give you a flavour of what this guy is all about. Go to www.differentpebbles.com
A pleasure to meet you Garyhat.

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John Hee said...

You're picking this Scoop stuff up sooooooo quickly

Six weeks off.

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