Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back Home.

Well I am now back home following my sudden illness whilst on my cyclepack. When Anne arrived I had packed everything up for loading in the car. I had stripped the bike of it's wheels /mudguards and rack ready for the bike to be packed into it's various travel bags. I am always amazed that we manage to pack all the kit into such a tiny car as the Peugeot 107. (It just confirms to me that we did the right thing when we downsized our car this year).

When we got back to Poole -Anne took me to the hospital for a full check over. Because of my medication any variations in my health have to be checked out. We arrived at the hospital at 1515hrs and didn't leave till almost 2200hrs.

I won't bore you with all the medical details but I feel a lot better now and I know I did the right thing by ending my trip when I did. It's a great pity that I did not manage to meet up with Ian Heritage and his brother as planned as I was only 15 miles from our rendezvous point when I was taken ill. I am in touch with Ian and will keep you updated on his progress as he makes his way up the country on his LEJOG. I will make the first posting later today.

As for the Backpackers static meet this coming weekend at Sixpenny Handley- I WILL BE THERE.


Graham Faithfull said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better today.If you are driving to Sixpenny Handley don't forget to bring a chair as we have good weather booked. :-)

PurpleTraveller said...

It' all ready in the car....!!!
I hope to be there about 1300hrs on Friday so I can have a good sit down.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you're feeling better, Trevor. Look forward to seeing you at the weekend.
Mike and Chris