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Saturday 5 September 2009

Dorset group static camping weekend.

This is the first time that i have been camping since my cycling accident. I am spending time at the Sisters Grimm camp site with other members of the Backpackers Club. I have already had an argument with one of the Sisters over the rip off price of ten pounds a night for a single backpacker. She eventually reduced it to eight pounds which is still too high for the facilities here but it is a nice spot to camp. Lets hope the weather stays kind to us.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! You actually dared to argue with one of the Sisters Grimm? They are probably huddled around their cauldron at this very moment cursing your name. Have a good weekend Trevor - hope the weather stays reasonable for you - it is quite sunny up here in Chesterfield this morning [Sat].


John Hee said...

check the tent for voodoo dolls before you go

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