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Sunday, 20 September 2009

First night on the Neo Air.

Tonight will be the first night spent on my new Neo Air mattress. I have cycled over to Church farm at Sixpenny Handley. I am using it as my first night stop on my cycle trip to meet up with Ian Heritage and his brother on their LEJOG. On Friday i will be back at this site for another Backpackers Club static weekend meet. Two members are already here for that meet. They obviously wanted to make sure that they didnt arrive late!


Graham Faithfull AKA stourvale walker said...

I hope you have a comfortable nights sleep.Did you get the regular size Neo Air mattress?
I will be joining you at Sixpenny Handley at around 6pm Friday and I'm still planning to walk home on Sunday.
Who are the club members who are already there?

Anonymous said...

Night night sleep tight!!!!

Mike & chris

Virginia bed and breakfast said...

The first thing I noticed about the NeoAir is that it is seriously light and small! I have always used foam based self inflating mattresses in the past. When comparing the NeoAir to my favourite self-inflating mat, the NeoAir is tiny, and nearly half the weight.

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