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Monday 7 September 2009

Well done Andy.....

I was pleased to see that the ASDA C.E.O. Andy Bond finished his LEJOG in the ten days that he had set in which to complete the ride.

The purpose of the ride was twofold- first the aim of the ride was to raise money through the Asda Pedal Power campaign for 'Bike Club'-this is the new project set up by the CTC and two youth charities to help more children and young people to experience the benefits of cycling.
Pedal Power has managed to raise in excess of £1.2 million which is a terrific achievement.

The other purpose of the ride was to advertise the fact that Asda are now selling bikes. These are being sold on a 'not for profit' basis.
These bikes come in a box and customers have to assemble it themselves and they are branded as British Eagle Bikes. The adult bikes sell for £70.00 and the childrens version is £50.00

What make of bike did Andy Bond use for his ride-was it a 'British Eagle' ?
NO..... Andy chose to ride a 'Giant' road bike.

Says it all really......!!


Simon Threadgold said...

Says it all??

I love it when moronic people like yourself make an even bigger fool out of themselves...

Have you tried riding such a distance on a normal bike? No.. I didn't think so. For this kind of distance a Road bike is essential and costs upwards of £1000. Andy's bike cost £5000. Its like asking Fernando Alonso to forget about racing in his F1 car and to race in a Renault megane! Get a grip...

TrevorW�� said...

Hi Simon

You asked me a question and then answered it yourself and in doing so I respectfully suggest you have made a fool of yourself.

Check back on this Blog to Sept 2008 and you will see that I rode LEJOG on a Dahon Espresso Folding Bike completing the Distance in ten and a half days.I disagree that a road bike is essential indeed my own Felt roadie was left at home.
Having ridden this distance in a similar time to Andy but on a folder I feel that I have earned the right to make a factual observation.

Anonymous said...

If Simon Threadgold thinks that in order to cycle long distances it is essential for someone to spend between £1000 and £5000 on the bike,he is showing himself up to be the ignorant moron here.

If you were trying to break the time/distance record I might agree but to ride LEJOG in 10 days, certainly NOT essential.

Many riders each year including yourself have proved that.

If anyone here needs to get a grip it is him.


Andy Ward (fellow endurance rider) said...

What is Threadgold's problem? You acknowledged Andy Bond's LEJOG, gave credit for the money raised and made a simple observation. He then makes a sweeping statement about you and a subject he clearly knows nothing about without first checking out your achievements on a bike.
What a PRAT !

Maria de Santos said...

As a regular reader of your blog I must make the following comments:

*You have some considerable knowledge and experience of endurance style cycling events.

* ST failed to establish your credentials before making his comments.

*There is a long history and tradition of riders completing the run on a variety of bikes. Penny Farthing to road bikes.

*A £1000+ bike is NOT essential.

*A road bike is NOT essential.

*Your say's it all comment (I think) was made to highlight the sub standard quality of the Asda bikes. (Google "Bicycle shaped object" to read more).

*ST appears to have little or at best a flawed knowledge of cycling.

*F1 equates more to Tour de France than endurance events like LEJOG.

*ST is an idiot.

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