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Saturday 26 September 2009

More kit.

Well i am back at Church farm- Sixpenny Handley for the BPC weekend static meet. At the last weekend meet i saw the neo air mattress that Mike had and almost the first thing i did on my return home was to purchase my own. On that meet it was the first outing for my new NALLO 3 GT TUNNEL TENT. What did Mike do when he got home? Buy one of course! That weekend meet cost Mike a lot more than it cost me. The photo today is of Mike and Chris with their NEO AIR MATTRESSES and behind them their new NALLO TENT.

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The bike shed said...

Hello there - dropped in here via the BPC website and other links. I'm new to BPC (though not to walking, climbing kayaking, biking....) and had meant to come along this weekend but didn't make it. Maybe catch up another time soon.

A few trips and things on my blog too - Mid Wales and Pembrokeshire are favourite haunts as I split my time between Pembrokeshire and Wiltshire.




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