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Friday 16 October 2009

The Journey Continues................

I thought that I would post an update from my last one on Monday.

Some good news was received on Tuesday concerning the Aorta problem. Apparently it is of a size that at this stage only requires an annual scan to monitor it. This news helped me in coming to terms with the earlier bad news concerning the cancer. Unfortunately on Wednesday evening something happened that sent me a few steps backwards.

Without going into all the details- I have lost the sight in my left eye. This is not connected with the cancer but seems most likely to be the failure of the warfarin that I am taking to control my blood clotting. During the Wednesday evening I had noticed that the sight in my left eye appeared to be getting slightly dimmer and then- wham-the centre of my vision in that eye seemed to be like looking at a huge pool of blood that obscured everything else.

Anne took me to A&E at Poole who after four hours sent us over to the Emergency Eye unit at Bournemouth Hospital. An Eye Consultant there did various tests and it would appear that I have a blood clot in the eye.(Something had burst) She told me that it is possible I will not regain the sight and all we can do for the next month is wait and see how much of the clot the body absorbs. After that it might be possible to try and clear it with laser treatment. What really caused me to go into panic mode was when she told me that there is a small chance that this could happen in my other eye as well........

Prior to my recent biopsy I had to stop taking the Warfarin-starting it again afterwards. However since that time my blood test readings have been all over the place and this appears to be the cause.

So- for the time being I cannot drive- I cannot ride my bikes- and I must not even indulge in any strenuous walking such as hillwalking or backpacking. This means that I am now unable to attend the BPC static meet at Tom's Field this weekend. I have spoken to Peter Calcutt who will now lead the walk and he should arrive at the site between 1900hrs and 2000hrs.

I have completed lots of difficult journeys over the years but this current one is testing me to my very limits ...!!

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Alan Sloman said...

You do seem to be in the wars - Hang in there and let's all hope that the clot gets reabsorbed.

Good luck fella.

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