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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I was back out training again yesterday. I completed another double of the team training loop.
I have noticed since starting the drug therapy that my energy levels are very low- it's almost as if the drugs just sap all my energy and leave me really listless.
Riding the loop has always been a good test of performance but this year I am finding it twice as difficult alhough I am determined to overcome all the difficulties.
More than ever before it is vital that I get my nutrition just right in order to fuel my rides properly.
I have started using ZipVit nutrition products this year. I find that they taste good and they do seem to make a big difference to my energy levels whilst riding -which for me at the moment is really important. You can find more information about their product range at www.zipvit.co.uk and then click on Sports Nutrition in the side bar.


The bike shed said...

I wish I was out training.

Went for my first rise with the club in two years - promptly fell off (first in 20 years) and broke two ribs.

Ouch! Don't make me laugh

Anonymous said...

Oooops- Sorry to hear of your accident. I know only too well what broken ribs feels like- just try to avoid coughing or laughing !! Hope it all heals up soon.

Six weeks off.

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