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Thursday, 4 March 2010


Today I was back out on the bike again. I decided that I would ride over to Swanage on my LEJOG Dahon folding hybrid. My route was by way of the 'hill of death' .(As known to Team 219) This was the first time that I have tackled this hill since before the ACCR and my subsequent crash last June. I was pleased to negotiate this killer hill with out any problems and on a fairly heavy bike as well. On arrival at Swanage I took a rest for ten minutes watching the very choppy sea before heading back home. Another nice but cold day.


Ratdog said...

Hill 'o death eh? Were is that, and why is it called that. Im kind of guessing its Kinston way.

Glad you are on your bike again

TrevorW�� said...

The exact location is a team 219 secret but your guess of near Kingston is in the right general area.
The reason it's known to the team as the 'hill of death' is because you feel like death when you have done it and you have to be brain dead to attempt it in the first place.

Virginia bed and breakfast said...
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