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Friday 19 March 2010


Followimg my solo ride on Monday I had a hospital appointment for more of the dreaded treatment on Tuesday.
While I was there I noticed that they have some quite deluxe style cycle parking facilities. I might well start cycling to and from the hospital and save myself the hassle of trying to park the car in a jam packed car park as well as saving myself the parking fee.
On Wednesday I was out again on the bike with JD. We went over on the Studland ferry and followed the route through Studland to Corfe and from there we cycled on to Wool where we had a coffee break. On the return we went through Corfe and carried on to Swanage and back to the ferry from there. My total distance was 46 miles. Considering the treatment that I'd had the day before I was reasonably pleased with my average speed of 14.1 miles an hour. The route gave us a total ascent of 3567ft.
We had a good ride but the wind always seemed to be in our faces and it was colder than we would have liked.

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Ratdog said...

Glad to see the purple traveller has taken off his training wheels.

Keep it up Trevor


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