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Tuesday 25 May 2010


Today did not start to well. When I checked the bike first thing i found that the rear tyre had a puncture. Close examination revealed that the rear tube had exploded and blown a 12 inch hole in the tube and even pushed the tyre off the rim at that point. This must have happened yesterday when we walked into the town and the bike was left in the tent - it was very hot- lesson to learn! Then John found that he had a broken spoke and with a fully loaded bike it needed to be repaired. Peter then decide to check his tyre pressures and while pumping up his tyres managed to pull off the valve. Another lesson to learn! When we did finally set off it was to Bayeux to find a bike shop to get the wheel repaired on Johns bike and buy some more inner tubes. Within 10mins the mechanic had us back on the road again. Later on in the day we had problems with finding a campsite so we are back at Cataran. We have now altered our route for the next couple of days. Drops of rain whilst putting the tents up and we are unsure of the forecast. The photo shows the inner tube from my rear wheel and the gaping hole where it had blown. No puncture repair kit needed here.!

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Anonymous said...

Poor old John! He does seem to have an issue when it comes to broken spokes. Has he been on the blower to the manufacturer yet to complain? lol
Sounds like you are all having a great time. Best wishes and see you soon.


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