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Thursday, 20 May 2010


Early tomorrow morning I am setting off with some others for a Cycle Tour of Normandy.
The others in question are: John Donoghue and Dave (The Broom) Vaughan from Team 219 also
Peter Calcutt and Chris & Mike McEnnerney from the Dorset group of the Backpackers club.

No carbon fibre and titanium bikes on this trip- this one is all about touring bikes and panniers.
John, Peter and I are using our Revolution Country Travellers -albeit modified. Dave is using a Specialized Globe of uncertain history and I think Chris and Mike are using Giant heavy duty rough stuff style tourers.

As is usual we will be enjoying the fun of camping so we will be keeping our fingers crossed for good weather.

I will be making some posts to this blog as we go along if and when we have something of interest to report and if we have nothing worth telling you -then that is what I will tell you....!

We will be away for a week getting back just in time to enjoy the bank holiday back here.

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