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Sunday 13 June 2010


Last night I decided that I would go out for an early morning ride. I planned to get out on the road by 0630hrs. I thought that it might be a good time to go for a quick spin of my regular training loop before all the weekenders-holidaymakers-etc got out on the roads in their cars.
Also I figured that a lot of people would not be out too early this morning- as last night England had a World Cup game and judging by the amount of booze that was being purchased yesterday by 'football supporters' in their England shirts down at our local supermarket I thought that they might still be sleeping it all off .

I got down to the Poole/Studland ferry in time to catch the first 4min crossing and then set off on the loop taking in Corfe and Swanage. I was back home and eating a well earned breakfast at 0900hrs after having cycled 35 miles.

It really was a good time of day to go for a quick spin- the roads were empty-it was not to hot-I could hear the birds singing as I rode along and I really enjoyed it. The only other people who were out and about were other cyclists.
Since I retired the only other time I got up this early to go for a ride was just a few weeks ago when we headed off for Normandy.

I really must do it more often...!

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