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Wednesday 16 June 2010


A couple of days ago a van arrived on my drive and unloaded a large box. This box contained my new winter/training bike. I think that you will agree it is a very pretty retro style paint job. The manufacturers inform me the frame has had anti rust primer and then five coats of paint no less. Hopefully this should mean that it will be tough enough to deal with the harshest of environments.
The appearance of the bike is very reminiscent of a classic road bike. I really love the way it looks. Although the bike has an Italian name Tifosi is in fact a Belgian company.
Apart from the drivetrain which I specified as Shimano most of the components are Italian including the brakes and wheels which are made by Miche. The lower picture shows the Tifosi in my bike 'stable' with the other two studs- my Z1 Felt Sportive bike and my Revolution Touring machine. Tomorrow I intend going for a ride on the Tifosi to see how it behaves. The bike received some good reports in the cycling press including Cycling Weekly so I don't think that I will be dissapointed. Oh! I forgot to mention that I have also obtained some cycling kit in retro style to wear when I am riding the new bike. Nothing like living in the past.....!!

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