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Tuesday 11 June 2013

Stage Four

We are now in Luxembourg and glad to have moved out of Belgium. The standard of the roads improved as soon as we crossed the border. Today started with a nice hill of  about three miles kicking up to 18% in one section....just what you don't need first thing..the hills carried on throughout the day taking us through some wonderful countryside and pure cycling heaven, swooping down from the tops into stunning wooded riverside sections on totally smooth surfaces...what a difference to Belgium.
Tonight we are eating out at the campsite restaurant. The Campsite is in a place called Larochette.
We are now at four in four.....we will be pushing on tomorrow towards our 10in10 objective.


Simone said...

Keep going. We're following your progress. Hope you are managing to enjoy the ride. Cheers. Simone @lifelites.

Anonymous said...

We are watching your progress with interest JR 4712

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