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Friday 11 June 2010


Three bikes is really the most that I have enough comfortable space for here at the seaside...

For some time now I have been thinking that what I need is a winter/training bike. It had been my plan to use my Revolution Tourer as a winter/trainer but now that I have upgraded all the groupset and wheels etc I have changed my mind. The Revolution was so good to ride when I was in Normandy that it convinced me that it is now too good to use throughout the winter.

What I needed was a bike that I could use all year round in all weathers. At the moment my small bike collection consists of my top of the range Felt Z1 (carbon/titanium/dura-ace) Sportive Bike.(Strictly fine weather use only).
The Revolution Touring machine-now upgraded and a joy to ride all day long over long distances.
Finally there is the Dahon (customised) full size folding bike that I rode in 2008 on our LEJOG charity ride.

Since LEJOG I have only ridden the Dahon over about 400 miles-this year for instance I have only ridden it for 70 miles. As I needed more space to accomodate another bike I decided that I would sell the Dahon and so it has been found another owner.

I ordered the new bike upon my return from Normandy and today the suppliers contacted me to tell me that it has now been built up to my specifications and will be delivered on Monday.

What am I getting? Well I decided on something a little different to my existing bikes. I decided to go a bit Retro. The bike is a Tifosi CK7 Classic Road Bike in a retro colour scheme. It has basic componentry as it is to be used as a winter/trainer and as such sports narrow mudguards as well.
I am led to believe that the word TIFOSI is an Italian word meaning a 'fanatical enthusiast' or 'enthusiastic supporter'. Suits me just fine...!
I suppose that I will now need some retro style kit to wear whilst riding it.

When it arrives I will post a picture of it on the blog.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you in your retro style kit, Trevor!! From the slowest of the Normandy tourers!

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