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Saturday 27 November 2010


With the weather taking a turn for the worst over the past couple of days I thought that it was time that the Felt was put into hibernation for the winter.

I must admit that since the Tifosi arrived I have tended to use that for most of my general riding and training and the use of the Felt has been reserved for those special days when the weather looks really good- nice and sunny and dry. Now that the winter is upon us the Tifosi with it's mudguards (fenders) is the most practical bike to use and anyway that was the reason behind my purchase of it.
In actual fact I have now covered more miles on the Tifosi even though I have had the Felt for a year longer.

 With all the health issues I have had over that period  I have not been able to ride the events that I had originally planned- hopefully the Felt will be put to better use over the coming season. Anyway the wheels have now been removed and zipped away in wheel bags and placed with the frame in a nice cosy bike bag. All is safely stowed away out of harms way and will see the light of day at the first warming signs of some spring sunshine. Hopefully at that time the training rides on the Tifosi will have started to pay dividends and I will have the fitness levels back to do the Felt justice.


Steve A said...

The Felt will be raring to go by Spring.

GreenComotion said...

Wish you great health, Trevor! Hope you reach your fitness goals soon.

Peace :)

cloudbusting2 said...

The neon orange spokes give the bike so much more character. I can´t help but think about Ferrari every time tifosi is mentioned. Sorry!

TrevorW�� said...

I hope I will be as well..!

Thanks - I am certainly working hard at it.

Don't be sorry- the Tifosi is made up of lots of Italian components (apart from the drive train which I specified as Shimano).
The brand was named after 'the Tifosi' (enthusiasts) commonly the term used to describe the Ferrari followers.

The bike shed said...

How we love our bikes - but they are there to be ridden too. I have friend who'se best bikes are so special he almost never rides them - by the time he odes they will be old school anyway.

But I can talk.. hardly been in the saddle all year.

PS Do you know of a good campsite by the Purbecks?

TrevorW�� said...

Hi Mark,
What you say is true of course- but it does make sense to ride a cheaper bike during the foul weather. The Z1 was purchased for sportives and similar events and I couldn't afford to replace the Dura Ace components too often.
Ref campsites in the Purbecks.
For BPC meets we usually use Tom's Field about 3 miles out of Swanage. The C&CC have a site near Corfe but I have never stayed there. A quick Google would come up with opening dates etc.
If you do get over this way let us know and perhaps we could meet up.

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