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Monday 29 August 2011

Dave has gone!

This morning at about 05.00hrs Dave had to set off on his journey back to the UK. He had sold his soul to his employers in order to participate in the start of ROCK2UK and now they are cashing in the chips. Both JD and I feel very much alone now that Dave has gone. We are very concerned about getting enough water as Dave was always able to provide this for us. It is still far to hot and the villages seem very few and far between. (See photo for one of the few villages ) We have had to wild camp due to lack of campsites. If we can keep pushing on and get further north earlier than planned we can then treat ourselves to a well earned rest day. This is proving to be far harder than LEJOG ever was. We were looking for a serious challenge and we have got one. We really are earning every penny for Cyclists Fighting Cancer.


limom said...

Time to hit up a shop and get a Camelbak.

Anonymous said...

Watching your blog with interest. Don't envy you in the heat but here in UK its rather cool!!
You are doing something that most of us couldn't achieve so we'd like to wish you both very best wishes and good cycling!
John and Joy Moran

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