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Wednesday 24 August 2011

Like riding in an oven,

Our first day on our ROCK2UK was just like riding our bikes in an oven. For two UK guys who are used to max temps of about 80f today was serious heat. We were told at our campsite that it was 40c I think that equates to somewhere about 112f . We are now at Ronda which is 65miles from the Rock. It was from sea level to 1386metres at a gradient of between 6 to 9 per cent with only two sections of respite of about a mile each. In this heat it has been absolute torture - a living hell- talk about a baptism of fire for our first day. We had originaly planned to do this trip in September- after today we wished that we had. This level of heat just saps all your energy and when you are climbing hour upon hour it does make you wonder why we took up cycling. Perhaps tomorrow we will get to do some downhill. If it is cooler that will be a just reward for all todays effort.


Oldmortality said...

Meant to wish you good luck before you set off, Trevor.
Keep going - you are an inspiration to all us old crocks !

GreenComotion said...

My goodness, Trevor! You rode in 112? Wow...

Hope some cooler weather is in store for you the rest of the time.

Be safe!

Peace :)

limom said...

Yes, but it's a Spanish oven.

GreenComotion said...

You rock, Trevor! Awesome!!
Peace :)

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