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Saturday 13 August 2011


These are just some of the maps that I need to take with us for our ROCK2UK ride back from Gibraltar. Now I can hear some of you saying what about your GPS?

Well yes I will be taking my Garmin bike computer with me as usual and it does have mapping for all of Europe but the problem is I don't trust it....It runs with a rechargeable battery and although I am taking a solar panel charger and a mini wind generator there is always the what if.....
what if I fail to generate enough power to keep Garmin....Phone..Camera...etc going!?

the Garmin might just freeze up or it might just stop working...it's electronic after all and my relationship with electronic equipment like the computer I am typing this on is one of love and hate. 
If my computer was a Wife...let me tell you she would be an EX Wife!!!!!
Trust me......there is NO trust between me and any item that is electronic.

Anyway...there is nothing better than being able to open up a map and see not only where you are, but also where you have come from and also where you are going.  A sheet map holds so much information that can be seen at a glance....and it is not electronic and battery powered.

The downside- as can be seen in the picture above- is that eight maps minimum weighs a fair bit and also takes up a fair bit of pannier space. I thought about cutting the maps into smaller strips covering just the sections we will be cycling through, but as the maps are on both sides of the sheets (apart from one of the maps) that is not really a viable option.

Of course I could help reduce the weight as I go by disposing of each map as it is used.....but that seems a bit of a waste...who knows I might decide to cycle the route again next year..*#! 
However, thinking about it the best idea seems to be to slip them into JD's panniers...he'll never notice.....!!!

My mileage for the year has been going quite well. My goal was to set off on the ROCK2UK with 5000 miles already under my belt for the year. 
Well I achieved that last weekend which I am well pleased with....especially as I was unable to ride a bike at all for an entire month in February due to medical advice.....By the time I get back from Gibraltar I should have added a good few more miles to my overall total.

The regular rides that I have been doing this year have been a vital part of my recovery and rehabilitation and it is my first hand experience of that which has drawn me to 'Cyclists Fighting Cancer' as a charity to help raise funds for.
If I can help some kids with their recovery from the effects of cancer, then my own illness and subsequent recovery will have had some positive purpose.

As far as packing is concerned...I am at the 'neat piles all over the spare room' stage.
There are still some items of gear that I can't make my mind up about....so I have put them in a neat pile and I will think about them for a day or two.

After the thinking.....I will complete the packing..!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I also think we still need old styles maps too on our travels.
Have a lucky trip!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Using a map - respect! I am completely in the thrall of my sat nav (which often gets it wrong) because I never know if a map is upside down or not.

limom said...

I shall put on some Miles Davis while you are gone.

KatieCake said...

ooOOoo I love maps. There's something rather lovely about plotting routes on them and tracking your progress. (I also like to look at them just to see all the silly place names)

As you say though, they are a pain to carry so I hope that you can sneak some into your friends panniers to save you some space. ;-)

Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck for your BIG ride. It sounds like an epic adventure.

Tracy W said...

Hah! This is too funny. As I'm reading of your love/hate relationship with computers, I happened to glance to the right and see the ad for ITT-Tech.edu prominently displayed!

I'm wondering if they've managed to scan your posting and target the advertising based on your content?

Anyway, maps are good. Just mail them home to yourself when you're done with that section.

rlove2bike said...

I am looking forward to the trip reports and how well the solar charger works. Maps are good...I think. Just as we arrived home from our last little trip, our GPS went on the fritz and will not turn back on.

chib said...

Wish you a nice ride from Gibraltor

Maggie May said...

I don't think you can trust these modern gizmos completely and I think it is very wise to take old fashioned maps with you.!
You are doing very well to cycle such long distances. Hope you enjoy the trip and that you have a happy time doing this venture.

Many thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot to me when people leave such comments especially when they know what it is like from personal experience, so thank you for doing that.
Maggie X

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