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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Cycling Fuel.

Well we have now had our first day without Dave. As we thought hydration has been a problem - but we managed. Most small churches and chapels seem to have a water source. Most of our meals seem to consist of a tin of pasta with meatballs and a pepper sauce. A problem we have had throughout Spain is the ground is too hard. Trying to get the tent pegs in is like attempting to knock then into solid concrete. Last night I gave up and slept out under the stars without the tent. At one campsite we were plagued by groups of children riding their bikes around the site until about one thirty in the morning. Some of there kids were only about eight years old, maybe younger. They appeared to be locals and had no apparent parental control that we could see. What parent allows kids of that age out at that time of night? The campsite owners didnt seem bothered- it really was a campsite from hell. We are now north of Sacedon. We will keep pushing on for a few more days before having a day off as we want to get through Spain as quick as possible.

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Laura said...

Power to you! I am enjoying your updates and marvel at your stamina and determination.

Take care out there.

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